because there are 

no boundaries for

endless creativity!

Imagine This...

The Art

dancing on canvas

Imagine every small detail that surrounds you is a note to a song...  each little detail contributing its own note.  This art is the choreography of life's little treasures, boldly designed to fill your space with energy and your walls with expression.

The Coaching

Imagination Mindset Method

The imagination is a perfect blending of our thoughts, beliefs, and creativity. IMM is rooted in the idea that while our thoughts can shape our actions, our wild imaginations have an even greater potential, capable of shaping our futures. 


I’m an artist, Imagineer, and strength strategist.  I guide women and teens to trust their unique strengths, and creativity so they can look towards their futures with excitement instead of anxiety.  I use the Imagination Mindset Method which is a unique blend of art, yoga and creativity exercises designed to help women escape the restraints of “shoulds” and learn to limitlessly love themselves without boundaries. 

Inspiration and Adventure

The Artistical

Artwork and inspiration: Colorful energy for your walls and expressive energy for your soul.

The Mystical

Quests, imagination and adventure: A playful approach to helping teen girls vanquish anxiety.

“It wasn't that I was no longer afraid, but now my excitement was bigger than my fear.”

Kobi Yamada Author of: What Do You Do With A Chance

If the future feels scary right now, it means change is waiting for you.

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