because there are 

no boundaries for

endless creativity!

I help women and teens break down walls and redefine their limits with a different kind of art and a different kind of coaching.

Imagine This...

The Art

dancing on canvas

Imagine every small detail that surrounds you is a note to a song...  each little detail contributing its own note.  This art is the choreography of life's little treasures, boldly designed to fill your space with energy and your walls with expression.

The Coaching

Imagination Mindset Method

The imagination is a perfect blending of our thoughts, beliefs, and creativity. The IMM is rooted in the idea that while our thoughts can shape our actions, our wild imaginations have an even greater potential, capable of shaping our futures. 

The Art

Hey Boundary-Breaker,  This art is made for your dancing spirit.

The Imagination

Hey Dreamers.  This coaching is made to make dreams a reality.

This is a Different kind of coaching

because we help women and teens use the power of their imagination to reinvent reality

We are Dreamers,Not Wishers. 

It is not our goal to just reach for another goal.

We don’t make goals we embody transformations. Rather than simply striving towards a specific objective, we focus on creating lasting changes that will become an integral part of who you are.

So, Who are you? What do you want to become? 

I'm sorry, did I strike a nerve?

I get it. These questions can be loaded with emotion and uncertainty especially for women and teens who are navigating the complexities of life’s transitions and trying to find clarity in who they are and what they want. Life can feel like a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs...the lack of control is scary, but the lack of knowing is worse than riding a rollercoaster blindfolded. 

Let Imagination Lead

You don’t need know what comes next to live your dream life. 

The Imagination Mindset Method is something new.

How I.M.M. Works

Imagination Mindset Method

IMM, short for Imagination Mindset Method, is all about boosting your positive vibes and imagination. It’s like a superpower that helps women and teens step into the future without confusion or fear and use the power of their imagination to reinvent themselves from dreams to reality.  

IMM uses a fun mix of art, yoga, and creative exercises to help dreamers tap into their wildest imagination and lean into the future without fear. Your imagination is basically like a magic wand that can help you create your reality and achieve your biggest dreams. 

IMM uses a unique 3-part process of virtual pre-coaching, live in-person weekend retreats, and virtual post-coaching to support you throughout your whole reinvention process. It is a playful process that will bring you through the deep work necessary to break you free from old ways and empower you with new beginnings. 

Get ready to unleash your inner superhero!

Imagination Mindset vs Mindset Coaching

Thoughts vs. Imagination

Your thoughts and beliefs have a direct impact on your emotions, behaviors, and outcomes. But let's face it, sometimes our thoughts are logical and limited. Thoughts can get stuck following the same old patterns based on your past experiences. IMM unleashes the power of your imagination, helping you tap into your subconscious mind and think beyond what you used to do to create a whole new world of who you can become!

Imagination Activation for Reinvention

Our Imagination Mindset Method takes you on a journey of creative expression and reinvention, helping you imagine yourself in your ideal state. No matter what you're aiming for - reaching a goal, taking on a challenge, or just becoming the best version of yourself; we’re here to guide you through the process of supercharging your thoughts with imagination activation.

Reprogram Your Mind Beyond Limits

By reinventing yourself in this way, you'll start to form new neural pathways in your brain and rewire your thoughts and beliefs to align with your goals and aspirations. This whole new approach to mindset coaching can be particularly effective for dreamers who struggle with limiting beliefs about what’s possible. Imagination provides power. With imagination as your powerful tool, you'll reprogram the mind and empower the kind of perspectives that unlock your bold and limitless potential so you become the hero of your own story!

You Don't have to perfect anything else.

You just have to embrace your wild imagination

...And love yourself without limits...

 This is your permission slip to release that grip on perfectionism and playfully create a future you (and your daughter) can get excited about.


I’m an artist, Imagineer and strength strategist.  I guide women and teens to trust their unique strengths, and creativity so they can look towards their futures with excitement instead of anxiety.  I use the Imagination Mindset Method which is a unique blend of art, yoga and creativity exercises designed to help teens (and their moms) escape the restraints of “shoulds” and learn to limitlessly love themselves without boundaries. 

Inspiration and Adventure

The Artistical

Artwork and inspiration: Colorful energy for your walls and expressive energy for your soul.

The Mystical

Quests, imagination and adventure: A playful approach to helping teen girls vanquish anxiety.

“It wasn't that I was no longer afraid, but now my excitement was bigger than my fear.”

Kobi Yamada Author of: What Do You Do With A Chance

If the future feels scary right now, it means change is waiting for you.

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