It's Time to escape

the Grind and Drop into your

Creative zone 

It’s time to playfully reconnect, (with yourself and your family).

March 4, 2023


@Glastonbury Hot Yoga

located behind the One Stop Plaza at
345 New London Turnpike in Glastonbury
(Parking lot entrance is via Sycamore St –  enter 150 Sycamore St in GPS for more accurate directions)

Space is limited!

Yoga is not just physical, it's energetic!

Yoga on Paper is for you and your family if...


If you’ve been too busy.

and your routine has felt like a total grind...It's time for a playful escape.


If anxiety is just way too real these days

It's time to create and safely drop back into your body with peace.


If you would love to find the time to create, but it's a luxury time won't afford

It's time to reconnect with your children and your inner-child for some Yoga on Paper, a workshop for rekindling imaginations.

What is Yoga on paper?

This is yoga and art like you’ve never experienced it before. Yoga is about uniting body, mind and soul. With Yoga on Paper we will practice connecting with the energy that moves through us by stirring up those creative juices and truly dropping into our bodies to feel those energies flowing.

My Name is:

I’m an artist, Imagineer and strength strategist.  I guide women and teens to trust their unique strengths, and creativity so they can look towards their futures with excitement instead of anxiety.  I use imagination mindset coaching which is a unique blend of art, yoga and creativity exercises designed to help doers escape the restraints of “shoulds” and learn to limitlessly love themselves without boundaries. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have any experience with yoga, and you don’t even have to be creative to reap all the benefits that this experience has to offer. 

This is the relaxing Escape   you’ve been looking for.

All you need is an open mind, some comfy clothes, a yoga mat and your favorite coloring tools*, but the benefits you will get from this experience are endless.

*Please bring your own washable markers, color pencils or crayons, please don't bring paints, chalks, or any messy materials.

Quality Family Time 

It's time to exercise your creativity and reconnect with each other and your untamed imaginations. You'll be surprised how a little play will be a game changer for what comes next.

Redefine Limits

Trying something so unusual and new will expand your experiences, helping you and your family reach bigger goals and test higher limits.

Break Anxiety Cycles

Anxiety is the product of letting "what ifs" run wild. This workshop will give your imagination a new direction to go in so it doesn't run away with worst-case-scenario thinking.

Reconnect to Yourself

This artsy-yoga experience will teach you to truly drop into your body and learn to connect what you feel to something you can see. 

Frequently asked questions

  • FAQ

Who’s invited?

The whole family, or just your.  I work with teens, but you don’t have to have kids or be a kid to join in. We will be practicing simple yoga poses and using drawing materials, these activities are most appropriate for individuals ages 4+.  

Will it be hot?

Don’t worry, the hot yoga classes will have ended and will have had time to cool down before we start. The room will be a comfortable temp for our families to enjoy. Thank you so much to Glastonbury Hot Yoga for lending us the space!

What kind of coloring tools should I bring?

Printouts will be provided, but journals and extra scrap paper is always welcomed. Bring some colors. You can choose washable markers, crayons, or colored pencils, but please refrain from bringing paints, oil pastels, chalk or other messy materials. 

How many people does the ticket price include? 

This is a family pass. That means the $37 ticket will cover 1-6 family members from the same house-hold. Please help us plan space and materials by letting us know how many people are coming.

What if I'm an adult who wants to attend alone?

Join us!!  This workshop is an opportunity to help people of all ages get creativity and movements flowing. 

Can't Make the Date?

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