Imagination Mindset Coaching Retreat

Reimagining your Best Self.

This is your Permission Slip to press PAUSE on always planning, perfecting & producing

This is an invitation to release that grip on Perfectionism so the best stuff can start shining through.

This is for real women, with real light to shine.

It's a tough fact to face, but all too often, the weight of expectations, busy lives, and fear dim the impact that burns inside even the most passionate women.

I help burnt out women release their grip on perfectionism and tap into the imagination needed to Blaze a trail.

Today, I’m looking for busy-doers like you, who need a break from the grind and are looking for a fun, empowering way to slow down and get back in touch with the things that matter most to you. Don’t you think we have a huge need for a program that can guide women towards their impact, without the overwhelm, stress and pressure

 It’s needed right? That's why I’m so passionate about this. It's because Imagination Mindset Coaching will help women make their impact in a fun way that doesn't ask them to work harder and sacrifice more. 

This is a Refreshing difference!

Difference #1

This program is uniquely designed with the over-achiever in mind.  If you over-plan, over-perfect, and over-stress and you are often left feeling overwhelmed and over-done, than this is for you! Adulting is hard.  This is designed to support women as they reach for their highest achievements, but without reaching higher levels of stress and anxiety in the process. This is a chance to step back, slow down and get curious.

Difference #2

The second major difference is my mystical-artistical approach. This isn’t therapy, this is your key to the future. I believe imagination is the key to breaking free from the stressful pressures of anxiety and perfectionism because it opens doors to unexpected results. This is about reaching goals you never dared to imagined because they just didn't seem possible. The Imationation Mindset Method combines art, yoga, and journaling to playfully make the impossible reachable.

This is innerwork that requires an intimate setting. 

There are only 8 Enchanted tents available!

The purpose of this weekend is to meet the best version of yourself, so you can know in confidence that you are living your best life.


Pre-Party (2-week Pre-Coaching Program)

  • 1 hour, 1-on-1 Virtual coaching call. Set your goals and your intentions with your hostess.
  • 2-Week Pre-Party Imagination activation course. Get familiar and start preparing.
  • Live, Pre-Party virtual group meetings to break the ice


DreaM Catchers (3-Day Retreat)

  • Indoor, enchanted camping, sleeping accommodations.
  • Yummy Meals: Friday night through Sunday morning
  • Deeply Transformational Reflection Exercises that use: Yoga, art, journaling, etc.
  • Art Supplies (and gifts) all included.


Post-Party (2-week Post Coaching)

  • 1 Hour, 1-on-1 Virtual coaching call. Align your goals and intentions with an actionable plan.
  • High-Access Coaching Communication via messaging. Ask questions and stay connected.
  • Private Community, for party attendees to stay connected

3 simple steps to get started:

The purpose of this weekend is to meet the best version of yourself, so you can know in confidence that you are living your best life. To know where you are going it helps to understand where you have been. I want to get to know you. The Blueprint Builder is your next step. Tell me what matters most to you and let's get started.


Build a Blueprint

The Blueprint is a quick self-assessment to ensure your experience is both personalized and impactful.


Book Your 1-on-1 Call

After building your blueprint you'll be directed to my calendar to schedule your first coaching call.


Save Your Tent 

There are only 8 tents available for this indoor, enchanted camp-ground. Make your RSVP official and we'll get started.

June 2nd-4th 

Only 8 Spots Available

This weekend is specifically designed to test a women's only offering. I want to know from experience if this is worth running for women without teens when I officially launch in the fall. 

Invitees for this free event were hand selected and you were among the chosen few because I believe this fun little weekend experience is going to greatly impact your life. 

VIP spots are available NOW, It’s first come, first serve and I'm only running the complimentary women's retreat once. Click the "I'm Ready" button and start now! 

Text April directly if you prefer: (860) 266-6933

A little note:

I'm at home with  Busy-Dreamers like you, ready to re-embrace the power of  imagination, explore possibilities without walls, live beyond labels, and build dreams that surpass all expectations.  

I’m April Quast, artist, teacher, mom and child-at-heart.  I created Imagination Mindset Coaching, because I realized that far too many people are living with their powerful minds all boxed up, afraid to push boundaries. As an artist pushing boundaries and challenging the expected is what I do.  So I decided to create a new kind of mindset coaching that is colored with an artist’s touch.