Imagination Mindset Coaching Retreat

I'm Looking for VIP Guests for Pre-Launch.

This is your Permission Slip to press PAUSE on always planning, perfecting & producing

This is a mother/daughter invitation to release that grip on Perfectionism and get the success without all the stress.

Today, I'm looking for VIP Guests  who are tired of doing all the things but feeling like it never measures up. In September, I am launching an Imagination Mindset Retreat program to help women and teens use their personal powers to combat life’s constant pressures. This is like nothing you have ever seen, because it’s specifically designed to help moms and their daughters (ages 11-18) team up and use their imaginations to make change. 

Today, I’m looking for busy-doers like you, who need a break from the grind and are looking for a fun, empowering way to slow down and connect with their daughters. Don’t you think we have a huge need  for teen programs that can help our teens deal with overwhelm and anxiety, and do it in a light-hearted, fun way?

 It’s needed right? That's why I’m so passionate about this. It's because Imagination Mindset Coaching will help women make their impact in a fun way that doesn't ask them to work harder and sacrifice more.

This is a Refreshing difference!

Difference #1

This program is uniquely designed for teens AND their moms. Teens are not the only ones going through transitions, right Mom? Adulting is hard, this is designed to support moms as they support their daughters and help connect our daughters with other supporting teens.

Difference #2

The second major difference is my mystical-artistical approach. This isn’t therapy, this is your key to the future. I believe imagination is the key to breaking free from the stressful pressures of anxiety and perfectionism because it opens doors to unexpected results. This is about setting your daughter up to reach goals she never imagined she could achieve. The Imationation Mindset Method combines art, yoga, and journaling to playfully make big changes.

The future is coming, Ready or not.

Let me ask you: 

When was the last time you and your daughter had the opportunity to tap back into your imaginations? When was the last time you let loose and played? It’s probably been a while since you played dress-up or had a tea party. The Imagination Mindset Method (IMM) will reconnect you with your daughter, and reconnect you both with your imaginations. IMM is a light-hearted option for facing life’s heavy loads.

What do you think so far? 

Do you want an invitation?

Book your call or text April directly @(860) 266-6933 

Limited VIP Spots

Summers are busy. There are limited weekends and limited VIP spots available. 

These VIP spots are greatly discounted, but they are not lacking!

In exchange for your commitment to participate, and provide honest testimonials and reviews, you'll receive top-tier access to the full 4-week coaching program that includes all coaching features as well as the full Dream Catcher's Retreat experience.


Pre-Party (2-week Pre-Coaching Program)

  • 1 hour, 1-on-1 Virtual, Pre-Party Preparation Call
  • 2-Week Pre-Party Imagination activation course
  • Live, Pre-Party virtual group meetings to break the ice


The Dream Catcher's Pajama Party (3-Day Retreat)

  • Indoor, enchanted camping, sleeping accommodations
  • Yummy Meals: Friday night through Sunday morning
  • Transformational Retreat Workshops: Yoga, art, journaling, etc.
  • Art Supplies (and gifts)


Post-Party (2-week Post Coaching)

  • 1 Hour, 1-on-1 Virtual, Post-Party Planning Call
  • 2-Week Post-Party transitions-into-real-life coaching course
  • High-Access Coaching Communication via messaging
  • Private Community, for party attendees to stay connected

3 simple steps to get started:

I want to get to know you and I bet you have lots of questions too. Book a free discovery call to learn more details. The VIP Blueprint is your next step, it will help you determine what matters most and we can start tailoring your experience specifically for you. 


Book A Discovery Call

Let's meet. I want to get to know you and I bet you have lots of questions. I'm here to answer them!


Build a VIP Blueprint

The VIP Blueprint is a quick self-assessment to ensure your experience is both personalized and impactful.


Choose Your Retreat Date

Summer VIP retreat dates are limited. We'll do our best to get you reserved for the date that works best for you.

Have your people, call my people and we'll do tea!



We will officially launch in the fall, but these discounted  VIP spots are available NOW, because we need your influence to make the grand opening the best it can be. It’s first come, first serve and summer availability is limited. Click the "I'm Ready" button and start now! 

Start filling out your VIP Blueprint.

Text April directly if you prefer: (860) 266-6933

A little note:

I'm at home with  Busy-Dreamers like you, ready to re-embrace the power of  imagination, explore possibilities without walls, live beyond labels, and build dreams that surpass all expectations.  

I’m April Quast, artist, teacher, mom and child-at-heart.  I created Imagination Mindset Coaching, because I realized that far too many people are living with their powerful minds all boxed up, afraid to push boundaries. As an artist pushing boundaries and challenging the expected is what I do.  So I decided to create a new kind of mindset coaching that is colored with an artist’s touch.