We are Unboxing Imaginations . . . because your daughter deserves to fearlessly redefine her limits so she can peacefully live in her today.

Challenge Enrollments close on March 13th 2023

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You missed out!

We kick off live at 7:00pm EST March 15, 2023!

Your Daughter is


and her Imagination is

just the Magic needed

to break her free from anxiety!

You know how awesome your daughter is...

It's not like you have an angsty teen, that does't want anything to do with you. 

You have a wonderful relationship with your daughter, but these days, something just seems different.

It's not the good 'ole days of tutus and make-believe.  That light-hearted, giggly little girl that you used to hang with is now so busy, tired and overwhelmed with worries that she can't even be herself anymore.  Now life is tough and the future is daunting for both of you. Maybe it's been months, even years since you've seen her imaginative spirit light up with ideas and creations. It's painful to see your daughter feeling so lost. You know how amazing your daughter is and you know the possibilities her future holds, but sometimes it feels defeating to seeing her trapped in anxiety's cage. 

Anxiety is not a part of growing up. There is an easier way.

The answer is in her Imagination. 

and 21 Days Unboxed is the key.

21 Days Unboxed is the only mother/daughter online challenge

that will help your daughter playfully gain insight into her own her inner-peace

while using a unique combination of art, yoga and imagination to make it happen.

What's it all about?

21 Days Unboxed is an online course, coaching experience, community and challenge all wrapped up in one for the perfect transformational experience that will unbox a future of peaceful confidence and freedom for your daughter. Your mother/daughter experience will include weekly group coaching calls, easy-to-finish mini-quests, artsy exercises, mindful movements and journaling all carefully crafted to ensure that your daughter reaps these transformational benefits:

All the Good Stuff:

A Light-Hearted Escape

Playful "quests" and artsy exercises offer a light-hearted way to face heavy emotions so your daughter can get a well-deserved break from her overwhelm and worry.

A Re-Energized Body and Soul

Yoga is not just for exercise. Learn mindful moments specially designed for helping your daughter free her trapped and heavy emotions so she can feel energetic and inspired again.

A Fresh Start and Clear Mind

Creative journaling techniques and expressive doodling exercises will help your daughter find the fresh start she craves even when she feels like she has no idea what she wants or needs.

Lasting Inner-Peace 

In this challenge we think-outside-of-the-box, so this collection of anxiety vanquishing skills is not just a toolbox, it's more like a magic-bag-of-tricks. A mystical-artistical collection of long-lasting mindfulness and relaxation strategies that will help your daughter own her inner peace.

Why take the challenge?

21 Days Unboxed runs like a challenge, because...




Did you know that the average completion rate for an online course is only 15%? The reality is stepping outside of the box isn’t always an easy task, that's why we made this experience into a challenge. 21 Days Unboxed will make your fresh start exciting, energizing and fun! It's like a game and I'm your coach here to secure your win!

Why take the challenge?

21 Days Unboxed runs like a challenge, because...




Did you know that the average completion rate for an online course is only 15%? The reality is stepping outside of the box isn’t always an easy task, that's why we made this experience into a challenge. 21 Days Unboxed will make your fresh start exciting, energizing and fun! It's like a game and I'm your coach here to secure your win!

Here's What YOu Can Expect:

Each week we will get one step closer to revealing the peaceful magic that's packaged up inside!


Week 1: Unwrapping

We will use expressive, artsy exercises to start unwrapping some of your daughter’s old ways, old thoughts and old habits. Together you will collect points and celebrate wins as you open up and unwrap new opportunities.


Week 2: Unboxed

We will think-outside-of-the-box and combine mindful movements with artsy exercises to start to get your daughter breaking down the walls that have kept her feeling overwhelmed and stuck for so long.


Week 3: Revealed

In our final week, we really get to start seeing the magic that your daughter holds inside, and she gets to see it too.  In this week, you will schedule your 30-minute private wrap-up call to celebrate your daughter’s discoveries and accomplishments and map out strategies to continue with.

All the Things

A $1147 Value

Your daughter deserves access to all the magic wrapped up inside and your investment secures the results!

$300 Value

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

$397 Value

Unboxed Online Course Lessons and Materials

$77 Value

30-Minute Private Coaching Call


Bonus Journey into Journaling and 9-Minute Morning Online Course Access


Private Members Only Discord Community


Full-time access to me, your accountability coach

Unbox Her Magic

                             Join Now
21 Days Unboxed

A 21 Day mother/daughter challenge to unwrap the old layers and reveal the magic that's found inside.



  • Joint Enrollment for Mothers and Daughters
  • Weekly Coaching Calls 
  • Private members only Discord Group
  • Private 30-minute Welcome Call + 30 Minute wrap-up call
Unboxed Escape

A 3-Day mother/daughter escape designed to celebrate and
solidify your challenge experience



  • Price Includes Mother/ Daughter challenge and escape
  • 3-Day in-person retreat
  • Practice infusing Art, yoga,
    connection, fun into your real
    life routine
  • Follow up coaching included
  • Only 5 Premium Seats
    Available (1 seat=1 team)

Fresh Starts are exciting and once you've made the decision to do something exciting and new it's no fun to have to sit around and wait.  Once you sign up you will be direct to my calendar to book your private welcome call.


Introducing Irresistible Bonuses!

These little perks are the icing on the cake... exclusive content that will take your "unboxed" experience to the next level.  In case you didn't see it already, these bonuses are the final "YES" that will help you decide that 21 Days Unboxed is exactly how you and your daughter will want to start your 2023, making your journey together even more rewarding.

Bonus 1
Journey Into Journaling

This bonus online journaling course empowers moms and their teens to use journaling as a tool for transforming their lives. This special bonus, unleashes 3 different journaling techniques, (one of which you have probably never even heard of) and includes new journaling tips and techniques that will make it easy incorporate journaling into your self-care routine.

Bonus 2
Get Up & Get Out
Scavenger Hunt

Have you or your daughter ever felt the need to slow down and back away from social media, to unplug and get out? This bonus scavenger hunt is just what you need to guarantee a little more fresh air and adventure. Curiosity is like a life-long scavenger hunt. Since curiosity is what sparks passion's blazing flames, this bonus scavenger hunt is the ticket to inner-wisdom and self love.

Bonus 3
The 9 Minute Morning

The way you start your day has the power to shape your day.  The Bonus 9 minute morning includes a collection of 3-minute body, mind and soul exercises so you can pick and choose 3 power-ups each morning that will empower you and your daughter's whole day in under 9 minutes.

21 Days Unboxed is an investment in the present

If you have stuck with me and read this far, you already know that anxiety is a high price to pay. Anxiety and lack of confidence can be crippling to our daughters, and if left untreated, can lead to other mental health issues like depression, low self-esteem and eventually physical health issues.  

It's a hard reality to face, but even harder is the fact that teen anxiety is only growing more and more common and it's not like the problem is being ignored.  As parents, we are constantly grasping for the best solution to bring about the biggest changes. Parents try self-care strategies, therapy, support groups and even medications for our daughters. So with all the possible solutions out there, why does anxiety remain on the rise?

It's because teens worry about their futures, while they are also secretly longing for the simplicity of their pasts. This disconnect from both their futures and their pasts are making it impossible for teens to find what really matters to them: the peacefulness of the present. 

21 Days Unboxed is an investment in the present.  The ultimate gift for your teen to reconnect to her light-hearted imagination bringing her into a current place of peaceful confidence.

This is the only online mother/daughter challenge that is facing anxiety's epidemic head on with the most unexpected and powerful weapon... your daughter's imagination.

Your Daughter's



Challenge Enrollments close on March 13th 2023

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You missed out!

About Your Coach,
April Quast

A women of many hats, April has combined her skills, passions and experiences to connect women of all ages to their child-like spirits while they each gain insight into the power that their imagination holds.  April is a wife, artist, teacher, coach and mom of 3 teen girls, she has a curious spirit and a creative soul.  After "retiring" at age 35 as a high-school art teacher, April began her wellness journey where she got the idea to combine her passion with art with her love for mindful movements and April Quast Art and Wellness LLC. was born.  April wants to guide expressive teens and energetic mothers to embrace their creative spirits because that's how each woman will powerfully live out her own unique impact.

Here’s what people are saying about April


April is very nice, soft spoken, and kind, her approach was fun and allowed us to imagine and think outside of the box.


April has helped me in countless of ways. She understands the teenage mind and allows her clients to express themselves in fun active ways.


April has good energy!  The exercises were helpful and we incorporated them into our family bonding time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have more than one daughter?

This is for mother/daughter teams.  Sometimes teams are big.  If you have more than one daughter and you would like them all to join you on this journey than you will be happy to know that this unique and generous offer includes space for you and each of your daughters. *exceptions apply for the escape package.

What if it's just me, (not a mother/daughter team)?

Sometimes finding the time and even the chemistry to connect with your daughter can be extra challenging. Moms, you are welcome to take this challenge without your daughter and pass the info onto her. Daughters, you are invited to do the same.

(You also might consider inviting a motherly mentor or daughter-figure.)

What if my daughter isn't a teen? 

She's welcome too!  For the most part our community is made up of moms and their teen daughters between the ages of 14 and 16, but there have been exceptions that have invited in teens that are both older and younger than this age bracket.  The truth is we are women (and those who identify as women), we stick together.  That means we guide each other with our experiences, insights and connections and age never determines the level of value we can bring to one another.

But...I'm not really good at art.

Believe it or not your artistic ability has nothing to do with your ability to connect with your inner-child and enjoy a little play.  If you have a child-like spirit and a wild imagination you will do just fine!  

What if I can't attend the live meetings?

Although live attendance is encouraged whenever possible we totally get that life can have different plans.  For that reason all live meetings will be recorded for you to rewatch later.  However, to make sure you make the time to watch them, these recordings will only be available 30 days after the close of the challenge.

Why don't I get forever Access?

Have you ever heard of Parkinson's Law? It states that the work will expand to fill the time available for its completion. This is some important stuff we are covering in these 21 Days and to make sure you make time for it, access to the course content will become unavailable 30 days after the close of the challenge. (If you find you need a little more time, contact me and we'll talk, it's all about making real changes)

A personal note

I feel so incredibly fortunate that I get to work with creative, spirited, curious, powerful, amazing, adventurous, inspiring, imaginative mother/daughter teams and I feel so empowered to be on the mission to vanquish teen anxiety with women like you!  I'm so excited to get to know you and for the adventures this exciting fresh start is about to bring for all of us when we kick off the challenge on March 15, 2023!

April Quast Art and Wellness