Set the Stage To Make the Hard Changes Easy.

April Quast

Professionally creating with love and soul since 2005.

The Solo

Changes are hard and scary, but they don't have to be made alone.

The Solo is an individualized coaching experience that combines art and fitness to bring clarity and simplicity to your actions.

The Solo starts with a conversation covering  everything from your  stage introduction to your victorious bow,  then continues with a partnership.

Solos, although performed individually, are not achieved without clarity, accountability and support. 

Due to the individualized nature of the program, The Solo is only open for enrollment 2 times a year to a limited number of people.  Join the waitlist to be the first inline the next time it opens up.

The Solo Is For Busy Women Like You

looking for a creative way to make your changes happen.


This is about your dreams

With soul searching and purpose fulfilling all the buzz, dreams can feel more like an unattainable destination.

This destination mentality is about always reaching, it is about traveling a long winding road and never quite holding your dreams in your grasp. So, instead of taking a road trip, I’m inviting you to dance.

Dance, because life is not about finding your purpose, it’s about living your impact. Your dreams are not in the clouds, they are built on your simple actions and small changes. Dance, because when you listen to the music, you live in that moment, and when your actions happen within moments you can live your impact right now. You can live your dream instead of reaching for it. 

The world needs your impact, and I’m here to help you make the hard changes easy.

Your solo is about

Trusting Your Different


Living Your Impact

because if you want a different result. . .
it’s time to make a different choice.
Look for this opportunity again in the fall.

Live Your Dance

Follow Your Music, and Move Your Feet.