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for selfless Women

Helping selfless women who are busy caring for others, get back to a weight that makes you feel unstoppable.  

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You know the rules of the airplane...

Put your mask on first! Not only are you guilty of NOT putting your oxygen mask on first…You are running around the whole airplane putting a mask on every last person on that plane before you have put your own damn mask on, and now you are gasping

You are Burnt Out!

You are tired of being tired, but you are the doer, the caregiver, the one that puts everyone’s needs before your own. You carry the world on your shoulders, but you don’t know how heavy it is because it’s a weight you have carried for way too long. You feel this weight in your energy, your schedule and in your waistline. 

You are so busy caring so deeply for those around you: your family, your clients, your patients, your students, your co-workers and anyone …actually… everyone… in need, it’s finally time to start caring for yourself. 

Your family worries about you. They care about your energy and your health.

I’m here to care about you too.

Photo by ELFotography.com

I coach busy caregivers with my special formula of on and off the mat yoga.

On the mat you will experience unique yoga sequences that effectively combine strength training with mindful movement. These yoga sequences are written with the busy “Doer” in mind, giving you efficient routines that range from 2-minute exercises to 60-minute routines so that you can always find time to achieve results.

However, wellness is not only about what happens on the mat. Most coaches build workouts, I build practices. Practices that follow you beyond the workout, into your life. I am a coach that is here for you even after you leave your mat, because I know you want the kind of healthy that includes so much more than a dress size. I’m here with constant check-ins that include body, mind and spirit support and off the mat practices that promote active rest, creative play and energizing inspiration.

Practices are not extra time-suckers; they are systems that are built to keep your actions in line with your intentions. I am here to guide you towards a lifestyle of health and wellness as it exists throughout your busy life … Your real life!   

Rest to Reset

We hear the term “work/life balance” a lot but the truth is you probably feel more like you are part of a juggling act in a 3-ring circus.

I will teach you how to replace the balancing act with a pendulum swing, creating a cadence of rest to work and work to rest that will return you to your youthful, unstoppable self.

I know time is your most valuable treasure, one that can only be spent and never earned.  That’s why you can no longer afford to keep juggling your time with your health. 

I've got your back, and I'll match your effort!

I know that you want to regain control of your youthful health.  You want to say goodbye to aches and pains, sleepless nights and feeling insecure about every outfit you put on. You want the kind of healthy that you can feel from the inside out…you want a the kind of healthy that lasts.

You and I both know that excuses don’t make change, but I know that as a caregiver you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, that’s why I refuse to be another stress or obligation.  I will match your commitment with options and I will respect your dream’s integrity by making sure that you are consistently making strides forward no matter how big or small.  

I gotchu!

I showed up 6 years early for my mid-life crisis.

At 34 I was watching my girls constantly learning new things and striving to push new boundaries with their bodies, and I caught myself saying: “I wish I could still do that, too bad I’m too old.”  At only 34 I had already made up my mind that my body had reached its peak and, in my mind, it was all downhill from there. See what I mean…mid-life crisis.

My girls became little time markers, reminding me daily that time was flying. 

I decided that it was time to get in shape, not for my waistline, but for my life’s journey.  I stopped letting guilt, doubt and fear hold me back and I got started on my fitness. This new journey was so exciting, I found a new passion!  Funny thing about passion…it’s a blazing fire that spreads.  Regaining a youthful body didn’t happen overnight, but changes were happening.  As I worked harder, my passion grew stronger and my excitement spread farther. My family and friends started asking me about my fitness and I knew I wanted to back my excitement with information. 

Since then, I’ve added to my Master’s degree in Art Education by becoming a NASM certified Nutritionist and Fitness Coach and a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. This collection of certifications and degrees is the knowledge, inspiration and impact that makes my reality connect to yours.

We are boundary-breakers, we have stuff to do, people to help and an impact to live…

The people in your life need you to show up at your full capacity.  All of which needs your body to be a reliable vessel (both inside and out) to carry you the distance.

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You care so deeply.

The world needs you to keep doing what you do best

Are you ready...

to build the body that can last the journey?

Your important people are so grateful for the difficult work you do, and my Selfless Self-care System is just the investment you need, to make sure your body, mind and spirit can hold up to the journey life holds for you. It’s time to unload some of those burdens, guilt and doubts and care for you

Are you ready to claim the kind of health that will follow you for the rest of your life? 

The change you deserve is waiting for you.