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Energy FOr YOur Health

Age is a number, let's start counting backwards.


I help women over 40,

transform from a place of “too old”, “too tired” and “too late”, 

to a youthful future filled with wellness and possibility.

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…because when you feel good about your weight, strength and stamina nothing can slow you down.

What if your best years are in your FUTURE, not your PAST?

Hi! I'm April!

As a mom in my 40’s, an artist and yoga instructor, I invite you to trust something a little different. I dare you to ask “WHAT IF”, embrace the power of possibility and join me on a journey towards youthful transformation.

because you and I both know it’s a shame to let youth be wasted on the young

Not being able to do what you want to do , is draining.

What If...

you didn’t need to accept aches and pains as a part of your normal life?

What If...

every task didn’t have to feel harder and more draining to complete than it used to?

What If...

you enjoyed your daily encounter with the mirror instead of it being a personal battle against your insecurities?

Asking “WHAT IF”

Is The First Step To Empowering Youthful Possibility.

Sometimes the biggest obstacle is the belief that something better, bigger or different is even possible.

You’re never too old to dream, you’ve been doing it since you were a child. 

The real question is: when did you stop believing in the possibility?

Why are you even here right now? Maybe you clicked because

  • You are tired of hiding behind baggy clothes.
  • You are busy, tired, and you can’t imagine adding exercise to your routine… but you so desperately want a change.
  • Your energy is low and your stress is high, and everything you do feels like it takes every last bit of effort.

But maybe it runs a little deeper than that…Maybe

  • You know you are over the hill but ready for the next climb.
  • You feel stuck in a body that doesn’t align with your inner dreamer.
  • You have an impact you have been waiting to make, but not enough energy or belief to make it.

I’m a certified fitness coach, nutritionist and yoga instructor, but these certifications aren’t what qualify me to be your coach.

I’m an artist and I’ve been dancing on canvas for years. I paint energy, details and their connections.   When I paint, the possibilities are endless, but in life, my self-doubt was the energy in charge. On canvas I never thought twice about what I was capable of, but in life I believed my doubts instead of my possibilities.  I was only 35 when I caught myself saying those crippling words. “I’m too old.” 

I was watching my three daughters conquer their aspirations, physically, mentally and even spiritually, each obstacle that stood in their way was a challenge to conquer. I caught myself envying their opportunities, as if I was too old to have any of my own. At only 35! (I hope your laughing at me a little bit) I took a moment to acknowledge how ridiculous that actually was, then I declared the need for a change. I began my fitness journey. I found strength and confidence and I was finally able to see the energy that was within me.  

If you are here because you are full of life and you are craving an outer shell that can hold up to your youthful spirit, than deep down you must know you aren’t too old.  It may have been a long time since you were a believer of possibility, at least when it comes to your own health, but it’s never too late. If you are getting old, it’s because you are alive and if you are alive it’s because the world needs your energy. 

I am qualified to be your coach because I see the energy within you, and all its possibility.  It is unique, and desperately needed.  I see your youthful spirit dying to look in the mirror with a reflection that can match that inner vibrancy. 


What if You actually believed the possibility too?

Let’s imagine it together…

  • I see you showing up radiating your truth and living your impact.
  • I see you energetically conquering life because you regained the control of you health.
  • I see you showing up for the mirror each morning with a smile sporting your new, confident body.
  • I see you playing, keeping up with your children and your grandchildren, because you’re young too.
  • I see your peace, because you know your best years can be found in your future.
  • I see you discovering your inner-self, while finally living in a body that reflects how you truly feel. 

I see you, because I believe in you and your possibilities.

For a woman so full of possibility and so much impact to offer, feeling full of life again is really the only answer. 

If you are a woman who has a spirit on fire, and wants a confident body that’s up for the adventure, then it’s time to embrace your future’s youthful possibilities and join My Wellnecessity Course.


This is a 90-day transformation that is fueled by your desire to be your best self. In case you didn’t know this, there was something in this week’s workshop that has never been there before…it was you and your energy
As you move forward trying to get control of your health you will come across a million exercise and diet options, but Wellnecessity is so much more than just exercises, nutrition plans and content, we are a growing tribe of beautiful women devoted to healthy change and impactful possibility
The truth is, we worked through some pretty real stuff this week that goes much deeper than building a healthy body for your reflection in the mirror.  You have stuff to do, skills to offer, ideas to spread, dreams to reach…
You might be over the hill but you know you are ready for the next climb, and let’s face it: If you are going to conquer that climb, don’t you want a confident body and a supportive team that’s up for the adventure?
Wellnecessity is a choice, to not only commit to your personal wellness transformation, but it is a choice to surround yourself with others who also strive to operate at their highest level. 
If you are ready to choose your best self don’t hesitate to book a call HERE and let’s see if this is a good fit before the bonus “invite-a-friend” offer expires.

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