Imagination Mindset Coaching Retreat

Reimagining your Best Self.

This is your Permission Slip to press PAUSE on always planning, perfecting & producing

This is a mother/daughter invitation to release that grip on Perfectionism so the best stuff can start shining through.

It would be great if every girl knew exactly what she wanted and held the magic recipe to make dreams a reality, but sometimes dreams are blurry, and the lack of clarity and control can leave a feeling of worry and fear.

Life can feel like a rollercoaster. It can feel like you are of constantly struggling to keep up, and always trying to slow down.  It's easy to get sick of the daily grind, the same old routines, people and expectations. It's natural to want something new!

You (and your daughter) deserve to unleash your greatest potentials, dream big, redefine limits and get excited about the future, because when a girl fearlessly embraces her inner strength, she becomes unstoppable.

it is clear.

The Future Matters

…but when you are talking to your teen; we should probably just name the future Bruno, Fight Club or Voldemort, because the rule is:  


Teens want to avoid talking about what comes next because...

The truth is: the future is scary

You want to trust that your daughter will make good choices for her future, but have you considered how tough it is for her to figure out what the right choices are and why she should make them?

Listen, we have a different breed of teens, they aren’t sneaking out, throwing parties and rebelling in 80’s grunge-band kind of way, instead teens these days are struggling on the inside.   

As a result, many teens are hyper-focused on achieving perfection in all areas of their lives, from their appearance, to their grades, to their social status. This focus on perfectionism can lead to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, and can even result in mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

The search for personal identity and purpose is an ongoing process we ALL go through, one that greatly affects each of our ability to embrace our imaginations, let go and truly dream.  

As your daughter navigates the complexities of adolescence and tries to figure out who she is and where she fits in the world and you try to peel off all the layers of expectations that has distanced you from your truest self…you BOTH need to reconnect to your child-like imaginations more than ever. 

You are BOTH at different cross-roads in your life, but aren’t your needs kinda the same? Don’t you each want a stronger sense of self and a clearer vision for the future? Are you willing to embrace your inner-child, pursue your passions, unlock your imagination, and unapologetically embrace your uniqueness

Mom, let me help you and your daughter trust yourselves to make your biggest Dreams come true...even if you have no idea what you want or how to get there


Dream CatcHers

An Imagination Reinvention Retreat.

It's time to put Perfectionism to sleep and wake up Dreaming!

Dream CatCHers is a unique, in-person retreat experience designed for mother/daughter teams who want to break free from the limitations of perfectionism and start dreaming big. It is part of a 3-part experience that includes pre- and post-party coaching sessions focused on unlocking your imagination, reinventing your best self and achieving your biggest dreams. 

Through Imagination Mindset Coaching which includes art, yoga and journaling exercises, you and your daughter will learn how to trust yourselves, trust each other, de-stress, let loose and redefine your limits.

Dream CatcHers

A $4,000.00 value for only 



per mother/daughter pair.

Seedling discount only available

until our roots are planted.*

All the Valuables


1 hour, 1-on-1 Virtual, Pre-Party Preparation Call


2-Week Pre-Party Imagination activation course


2 Live, Pre-Party virtual group meetings to break the ice


Indoor, enchanted camping, sleeping accommodations


Yummy Meals: Friday night through Sunday morning.


Transformational Retreat Workshops: Yoga, art, journaling, etc.


Art Supplies (and gifts)


1 Hour, 1-on-1 Virtual, Post-Party Planning Call.


2-Week Post-Party transitions-into-real-life coaching course


High-Access Coaching Communication via messaging


Private Community, for party attendees to stay connected.

**Something new must always start as a seed and grow roots before it can grow to its true potential. I know you might be curious about how we can offer so much at such a discounted rate, the truth is we want to reward our founding members with a special grand-opening rate that is sure to rise as we continue to grow.

Reinvent The Future With Magic

Experience a magical pajama party retreat with your daughter, complete with:

  • pre & post party coaching sessions
  • transformational experiences for you EACH to step into the future with confidence
  • individualized coaching before, after and during the retreat
  • delicious food
  • glamorous indoor camping arrangements
  • quality time with your daughter she’ll never forget.
Pre-Party Only

Imagination Activation



/mother-daughter pair

  • 1 Private Coaching Call
  • 2-Week Pre-Party Prep
  • Coach access via messaging
  • Imagination Activation

Limited Time


Game-Changing Future Building



/mother-daughter pair

  • 2 Private Coaching Calls
  • 2-Week Pre-Party Prep
  • 2-Night, 3-Day Live Retreat
  • 2-Week Post-Party Plan
  • Exclusive Community

Grand-opening prices available for a limited time only!



Stay tuned! The first official Dream Catcher's Party will launch this fall, 2023.  Be the first to know!

Get A Peek Inside Dream CatcHers.

Unleash your imagination

By attending this retreat, you and your daughter will have the opportunity to break free from the busy routine of always planning, perfecting, and producing and magically begin to unlock your imaginations. This is your opportunity to redefine what matters with clarity and learn how to trust yourselves, push limits, and embrace your inner superpowers. 

Reinvent Your Best Self

You and your daughter will learn how to peel off the layers of expectations that have distanced you from each other and from who you really are. Are you ready to finally trust in your own awesomeness without hesitation? As you reconnect with your child-like imaginations and pursuing your passions, you will be able to embrace your uniqueness and unapologetically be your best self. 

Future Building

The Possibilities & Pajamas Retreat will help you and your daughter to stop worrying about the future and start boldly creating it. You will learn to trust yourself to achieve big things, even if you have no idea what you want or how to get there. This retreat is an invitation to stop stressing and start imagining together. Unlock your imaginations to create a future that is both inviting and exciting.

The future is coming, Ready or not.

Dream CatcHers

Is a rare opportunity to press pause and enjoy the now.

Mom,  you are witness to how time flies.  Doesn’t it feel like it was just yesterday that your time with your daughter was all tutus and tea parties? 

Tomorrows seem to just be coming faster and faster these days.  Don’t you think being able to feel prepared is worth the investment?

Dream Catchers is an unparalleled retreat that will not only prepare you and your daughter for what is coming, its simultaneously a rare opportunity to press pause and enjoy what is here right now.

This kind of awesomeness is like 

Pumpkins turning into carriages

I don’t blame you if you need a moment to rub your eyes and let the stardust settle. 

Let me help you with some 


that might be bubbling up 

Where exactly is this enchanted campsite?

Who will be at this Retreat?

What if I want to invite people I already know?

It's weird being in a stranger's home. 

What if I can't even draw a stick figure?

What if I don't have any experience with yoga?

Is this only for mothers and daughters? 

More Questions?? 

Here's what other dreamers have to say:


Encourages Expression and a Positive Mindset

April has helped me in countless ways.  She understands the teenage mind and allows her clients to express themselves in fun active ways that get the mind going in a positive mindset.  She constantly checks up on me, and has different quests to keep me moving forward towards my goals.


Interactive and Motivational 

April has good energy, her workshops are unique, interactive and motivational. Our family even incorporated these new exercises into our family bonding time.


Simply Magical

Working with April was incredible and liberating! She is just simply magical. After working with her I plan on giving myself more permission to be myself daily.

Don't hit Snooze on this opportunity, reserve your spot now!

Official RSVP:

A little note:

I'm at home with  Busy-Dreamers like you, ready to re-embrace the power of  imagination, explore possibilities without walls, live beyond labels, and build dreams that surpass all expectations.  

I’m April Quast, artist, teacher, mom and child-at-heart.  I created Imagination Mindset Coaching, because I realized that far too many people are living with their powerful minds all boxed up, afraid to push boundaries. As an artist pushing boundaries and challenging the expected is what I do.  So I decided to create a new kind of mindset coaching that is colored with an artist’s touch.