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The Solo

In this 1-on-1 power hour, it’s all about your solo-dance.

  •  1 hour of virtual coaching
  • A goal-outline highlighting our key discussion points from the meeting
  • one 30-minute follow-up/planning meeting
  • An outline of actionable systems for the next 30 days to get your changes in motion
  • accountability check-ins for those 30-days for additional support and follow through
  • An exit interview so you can plan your next steps


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In this 1-on-1 power hour, it’s all about your solo-dance, everything from your introduction to your victorious bow. Solos, although performed individually, are not achieved without clarity, accountability and support. This hour is for you.  I’m here to guide you through soul-nourishing questions, because it is your answers to these questions that will choreograph your solo performance.

The Solo is for busy women like you; looking for a creative way to make changes happen. This is about your dreams. Do you ever feel like the times in your life that you need to make changes the most, are the times that the changes are hardest to make?  The world needs your impact, and I’m here to help you make the hard changes easy.

You are the star of this show, and you may already know exactly what you need, but if you are finding it hard to start, this is where I come in.  I’m here to get you started.  I’m here to help you organize your hats, and motivate you as you prepare for that beautiful solo performance on life’s stage.  With one hour away from the chaos you can dedicated energy to dancing your solo. In your hour we will bring clarity to your vision and simplicity to your actionable steps. This is the right time, because simplicity and clarity are exactly what you need in your busy life right now.

Now is the time to start, because anything new needs time and care to grow.