Color Critters for Anxiety


September 24, 2022

12:00pm EST – 1:00pm EST

Hidden treasure can be revealed even when you least expect it. These mini-workshops offer a scattering of topics, tips and practices designed to give you a rich transformation taking you from worry & anxiety to possibility & confidence.

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Did you know color has energy? Different colors can affect your moods in different ways. In this PopUp you will breathe life into some friendly little allies. 

First we will explore color and how it can affect our moods and our energy. Next we will dive into some color theory as we mix up some colorful concoctions. (ever want to learn how to mix the best colors?) Finally we will use these concoctions to breathe life into some anxiety fighting critters as we combine our color mixing skills with yoga breathing exercises to calm our bodies and minds.

For this lesson you will need:

  • PAINT: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white.
  • You will need a cup of water (for rinsing)
  • …and maybe some for drinking too.
  • You will need a paint brush
  • Choose One: Wax paper, tin foil, a meat tray OR plastic lid for mixing paint.
  • Several sheets of blank paper
  • The printed worksheet (found in the course pages)
  • A straw
  • Address labels or masking tape
  • A Black marker
  • google eyes as a bonus material if  you want it.


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