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90-Day Wellnecessity System

The Wellnecessity System is a transformation opportunity customized for you and possibly a chosen team mate to help you to become your healthy, vibrant self again.

This 4-week program includes:

  • A free power hour consultation to tell your story and choreograph your personalized plan.
  • An custom exercise routine for you and your teammate that combines strength and yoga to efficiently and effectively support your goals.
  • A private workout with me as your coach every month for one hour.
  • Access to the growing exercise library to choose exercises that fit your changing schedule and energy.
  • Creativity and productivity exercises to cultivate your creative calm and liven your creative spirit.
  • A direct line of communication to feel fully supported, celebrated and encouraged.


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The Wellnecessity System is a 90-Day wellness transformation experience that is like no other.

I designed this system because I saw the need for something different.


This is a system that uses rhythms of rest and work to make sure healthy is part of your journey, not your destination …I’m on a mission to help you live your healthy life in confidence, without a feeling of overwhelm, exhaustion and continuous cycles of starting over with new attempts at the same desired health goals.  The Wellnecessity System, provides just that, a system of wellness that your can live by. A system that fits YOUR real life and your body, so that you don’t have to feel like healthy is always something just out of your reach.  The Wellnecessity system uses rhythms of rest weeks (designed for release, rest, reflection and repair) coupled with work weeks (designed for action, change, system building and maintenance) to help you achieve the long-term, youthful energy and confidence that you desire.

This is wellness that goes beyond…

…beyond yoga, this is a unique fitness routine that efficiently and effectively combines yoga and strength exercises to build a strong, flexible and balanced body.

…beyond just an exercise routine, this is wellness that follows your into your real life with nutrition, mindfulness, productivity and goal setting.

…beyond your body’s shape and size, this is wellness that will incorporate healthy stress-management, healthy movements and energizing habits to your life.

…beyond your body, this wellness is all encompassing to liven and connect you to your creative, adventurously, youthful, and confident mind and spirit.