A Sneak Peek Inside Dream CatcHers

Dream Catchers is the only coaching experience of it's kind because it is a 3-part process that includes virtual pre- and post-retreat coaching as well as an in-person 3-day retreat experience. 

How to get started...

Step 1

Build Your BluePrint

The Blueprint is a quick self-assessment to ensure your experience is both personalized and impactful.

Step 2

Book A Call

This is new! It's normal to have lots of questions about new things. After building your blueprint you'll book a call with April, your hostess and get all your questions answered.

Step 3

RSVP to the Party

This is where you will buy your tickets, book your weekend and make your RSVP an official: Yes Please!

Pre-Party Preparations

Pack your Pajamas! It's Party Time!

We’ll meet 2-on-1 (you, me and your daughter) and we’ll start by setting intentions for the upcoming retreat weekend.  The next two weeks, is all about preparing for retreat magic! You'll get an introduction to the Imagination Mindset Method, as well as becoming familiar with traditional mindset practices, such as identifying pesky limiting beliefs. Then we'll sprinkle in some imagination activation, and voila! You'll be unstoppable! This pre-party prep will be like a fairy godmother's wand, getting you ready for the big transformations that will happen during the retreat.

Pre-Party Preparations Outline

Girl Talk Starts right away:

  • Build your Blueprint.  Fill out a self-assessment to so we can get on the same page right away.
  • 2-on-1 preparation call (you, me and your daughter). 
  • Let’s really get to know each other, and set some intentions for your magical transformation.

Imagination Activation Course:

  • A 2-week pre-coaching course to prepare you for your retreat transformations.
  • Lessons available Virtually and on Pre-recorded videos
  • High, access communication via messaging

Pre-Party Game Night

  • A live virtual event so you can meet everyone coming to the party.

Pajama Party Retreat

Unroll Your Sleeping Bags and FLuff that pilloW!

I have a surprise for you! I’ve saved you each your own private tee-pee tent at our indoor enchanted campsite. This pajama party is an intimate setting with only 8 guests in total- four wonderful mothers and their lovely daughters.  Together, we'll sprinkle a little bit of magic and begin the transformation that will reinvent your reality!

During the retreat you will each build a secret identity and learn secret routines so you can transform from your default self to your super-self anytime you need a boost of power to lean into the future.

Fresh food will be prepared for you at each main meal, including Friday Dinner,  Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and a scrumptious Sunday morning breakfast and lunch too. And don't worry, we'll have plenty of sleepover snacks to indulge in, too! 

Throughout the weekend you will enjoy a balance of immersive lessons and some quiet reflection time so you can digest and reflect on everything you have learned. 

Pajama Party Retreat Outline

Day 1:

  • Check-in and welcome
  • Intros and Ice Breakers
  • Enchanted Dinner
  • The secret behind secret identities.

Day 2:

  • Morning Movements
  • Breakfast
  • Immersive lesson: How to conjure a secret identity that will serve you.
  • Reflection time
  • Lunch
  • Immersive lesson: Building Your Secret Identity
  • Creativity Activation: Create your identity totem.
  • Movement time: Explore movements to incorporate into your transformation routine.
  • Free Time
  • Dinner
  • Sleepover snacks and Girl Talk

Day 3:

  • Breakfast
  • Immersive lesson: How to Maximize Your Identity’s Service
  • Creativity Activation: Create your identity totem.
  • Creativity Activation: Create your transformation routine
  • Practice and Reflection time
  • Lunch
  • Closing ceremony and Identity Reveals

Post-Party Plan

After the party ends, the real change begins:

Holding onto the magic and transformation we created together. But fear not, I've got your back with an individualized post-party game-plan! We'll hop on the phone to reminisce about the party's highlights, assess what you've learned, and where you could still use support. You'll receive two weeks of accountability check-ins, Marco Polo, and messaging communication with me, your hostess, to guide you on your journey. Ask questions, get support, and learn how to incorporate your new skills into your future plans. You'll leave feeling inspired and ready to boldly dream with your eyes wide open!

Post-Party Plan Outline

Post Party Game-Plan Call: 

  • A 2-on-1 (you, me and your daughter) reflection and planning call
  • Let’s reflect on the retreat. What did you discover? What do you need going forward?
  • Individualized post-party game plan, set goals and an accountability plan

Accountability Plan:

  • Determine how you will connect with your hostess (Marco Polos, emails, text, etc.)
  • Determine when you will connect with your hostess. (choose check points)
  • Determine what you will connect with your hostess about.

Live Virtual Check-Ins

  • 2 live, group check ins to be held in two weeks following the retreat
  • This time it’s a virtual party, reconnect, share breakthroughs and challenges

More Video Lessons to ease your transitions.

  • Identifying the bad-guys that your super self needs to defeat
  • Activating your super-self in the real-world
  • Imagination Activation for negativity deactivation

This retreat is for you if...

You're ready to unleash your imagination and embrace your inner child.

You're willing to connect with other women and form meaningful relationships.

You're eager to try new things and embark on exciting adventures.

You're motivated to stretch your creative muscles and tap into your full potential.

You're prepared to change old habits and beliefs to reinvent the best version of yourself.

You are looking for an escape from the mundane and the daily-grind.

You want to connect with your daughter and other women too.

You are ready for a grown-up pajama party for every women, 11 years and up.

This retreat is NOT for you if...

You identify as a male (sorry guys, this retreat is exclusively for women).

You're not yet ready or willing to make positive changes in your life, change is a choice and this program requires the work and willingness to embrace growth and transformation.

You think that most change is out of your control.  This retreat is only for women who are ready to take ownership of their power and make meaningful changes in their lives.

How will you face the Future?

If you want to keep on keeping at the daily-grind, then you probably won't have time for this, but if it's finally time to shake things up; take your next step now. The choice is yours. Take baby step and book a call to quiet your curiosity. OR take a leap and enroll now so you can wake up dreaming!