Inspiring and Exciting Young Artists To Create

Put your art on all sorts of stuff, via Society6.

Make It!

Make any 2-D creation you can imagine! Make sure it is entirely yours (no famous characters or copyrighted ideas). Paint it, draw it, photograph it, the choice is yours. Sign your work. This is available to Leigh Gate kids, adults and their family and friends. Pass it along!  Leigh Gate kids will get first priority.  (If you want this for the holidays: the sooner the better! This will take time for April to process and Society6 will take an average of 2 weeks to deliver)

Explain It!

Fill out your information below. Tell me about you and your art.

Drop It Off!

Place your unfolded drawing and form in an envelope and drop it off to April @ 163 Leigh Gate Road. If you choose to send work digitally it must be sent over at a minimum of 300dpi and 1300px X 1300px.

Wait for It!

Be patient, April has a lot of work to do.  She will upload your art and adjust it to fit your desired merchandise. Sometimes this process can be time consuming.  Be patient and I’ll text you as soon as your work has been updated.

See It!

Go to SOCIETY6.LEIGHGATEART and see yours and your neighbor’s art mockups on a variety of items.

Sometimes different objects need special adjustments, feel free to reach out.

(860) 798-6386

Buy It or Sell It!

When products are purchased on Society6 a small commission is given to the artist.  This commission will go to one charity that we have collectively voted on. Buy your own art, and tell your family and friends to buy it too.  When your art sells, our chosen charity will be supported. 

What does it cost?

It costs nothing unless you want to buy your merchandise. All profits will go to our voted charity.

As an artist I want to inspire and excite young artists to create.

Share this experience with whoever might be interested, and help me inspire young artists. 

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Support April

From artist to artist we can help each other.  You can support me by following me on social media and telling your friends to follow me too.