How can journaling Help Clear Anxiety?

This PopUp Treasure Session will show you how journaling can help you quit worrying, start imagining, and prepare you for an adventurous journey into possibility.


Journey Into Journaling

This LIVE on Zoom session is a treasure-packed mini-workshops designed to deliver RICH content about using journaling as a tool for transforming your life. During this special Journaling Pop-up Treasure Session, I will unleash 3 different journaling techniques, (one of which you have probably never even heard of). 

By the end of this PopUp, you will not only have new journaling tips and techniques, but you will have a whole new perspective on how journaling can serve you and easy adoptable actions so that even you will want to make journaling a habit.

Does this Sound Like You?

It’s back to school time and the shelves are jam-packed with all sorts of beautiful journals and planners.  Maybe you’ve never thought about journaling before, but now with so many beautiful journal choices right there you just couldn’t resist that cute cover. Next thing you know, you are a proud owner of your very own journal. 

Or maybe this is you…the type a person that no amount of pretty has even made you even consider journaling, after all who has the extra time and what would it benefit?

Journaling has so many's just a few.

Achieve  Bigger Goals

Journaling is more than a pretty book filled with mind-dumps and to-do lists. Journaling is a mindfulness practices that helps you align your intentions with your results.

Reduce Anxiety

Journaling is like a therapist your can spill your deepest thoughts to, helping you sort through thoughts and emotions that you need to process. Are you worried someone will find what you wrote? This workshop covers that too.

Find Inspiration

Do you have any idea how many ideas dance across your path in a day? If you don't journal, than you probably do not. When you keep a journal you have a place to keep track of your inspirations and as you collect some, you find more.

Boost Your Confidence.  Enroll in the Journaling PopUp.

 Journey Into Journaling Will Teach you...

  • How to get started in your brand-new journal without the fear of ruining the pages.
  • A safe way to spill your deepest thoughts onto the page, without worrying about who will read it.
  • How the marriage of productivity planners and mindful reflection is the key to forging your future.
  • Why your deepest thoughts need a practical practice, and how to adopt this practice practically.
  • How being a curious observer can build you your own library of expertise.   
  • How to adopt journaling even if you don’t like writing.


3 Different Journaling Types

There isn't just one way to journal. This course will help you find your best fit.

Method 1
Bullet Journaling

Ryder Carroll the inventor of the bullet journaling method describes bullet journaling as "A mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system." This workshop will teach you how to take this popularized method and make it your own.

Method 2
Field Journaling

Combining a little art, a little science and a lot of curiosity, the field journaling method will help you create an encyclopedia of your own thoughts, ideas and inspirations and turn them into mastery. Take your genius to a whole new level.

Method 3
Phoenix Journaling

I bet you didn't expect that one, you've probably never heard of phoenix journaling.  That's because I invented it. Phoenix journaling is a method of journaling derived from the mythical phoenix. You'll get some magical results from this one. 

Meet Your Guide

April Quast is a teacher, coach, artist, wife and mom...  Her years of experience have taught her the treasures that can be found from her student's inspiration. From her high-school art students, to her senior fitness clients, April has learned that the biggest treasure in teaching is embarking on the adventure to collect more wisdom. 

She encourages everyone of her students to courageously take action, curiously create opportunities and passionately imagine all possibilities. After all life is an amazing treasure hunt.  It's a bit mystical and a lot artistical but it's all transformational.

Grab your map and embrace the adventure.


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