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Yoga On Paper

Family Tickets $37

March 4th, 2:00pm @Glastonbury Hot Yoga

It’s time to escape the mundane, and liven up family-time with a creative yoga adventure.

This is yoga and art like you’ve never experienced it before. Yoga is about uniting body, mind and soul. With Yoga on Paper we will practice connecting with the energy that moves through us by stirring up those creative juices and truly dropping into our bodies to feel those energies flowing.


21 Days Unboxed

We are Unboxing Imaginations . . . because your daughter deserves to fearlessly redefine her limits so she can peacefully live in her today.

21 Days Unboxed is the only mother/daughter online challenge that will help your daughter playfully gain insight into her own her inner-peace while using a unique combination of art, yoga and imagination to make it happen.

Art Show

Spring Preview event

April's Art show in April.  On April 30th I open my home and share my art, some snacks and community with all of my art supporters.  I would love for you and your family to stop in and say hello.  


Art for Sale

Don't want to wait until the Preview Show in April?  You can browse through April's art online and shop for selected originals and prints right now.


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