Challenge Normal

Free Your Passions From Expectations

Ideas Are Expressive

Silence Doubts

Live Vibrantly

Choose Confidently


Trust Different

…and create room for living your true potential?

Core Values

Live Your Truth

Chase Curiosity

Live Vibrantly

Inspire. Be Inspired.

Fail Forward


Different is A Superpower

Healthy Is A Journey, Not a Destination

Celebrate Moments

Live, Create and Inspire with Meraki

Work From Your Rest, Not Rest From Your Work.

Trust Different

Live Your Soul's Dance

Trust Your
True Self

What we need right now is more women who have detoxed themselves so completely from the world’s expectations that they are full of nothing but themselves.”​ ~Glennon Doyle

Trusting one’s true self, is what it means to be an artist.   Artists understand that creating is about challenging normal and trusting instinct. The soul’s dance is the artist’s most intimate opportunity to trust her instinct and create.  An artist’s creations are passions and dreams that have freed themselves from expectations. When the artist lives her soul’s dance and sets aside fear for judgment, she has the ability to bring her ideas to life for people to see, feel and experience. Her ideas, like a dance, are expressive, raw and often reveal intimate visions of her reality. 

Creating is vulnerable. The artist’s biggest obstacle for living the soul’s dance is learning to set fear aside.  I am here to help you: Moms, daughters, wives, singles, grandmas, women to become artists. I’m inviting you to become an artist who will trust yourself to challenge “normal”. Silence your doubts, turn the music up and start dancing. It is your dance performance that will bring inspiration and innovation to change this world.

Do you have the Guts to live like an artist?

Can art detox your busy life?

What's stopping you from living vibrantly?

I'm Tired

Whether you just can't turn your brain off at night or ailments are keeping you up, there are so many reasons that sleep is lacking. However, It's not just the missed hours of sleep that are making you tired, you need emotional rest too.

Artists Practice Active Rest

Rest doesn't just come from sleep. Both my solo and duet programs I will teach you about the importance of active rest and how you can use art to actively find rest for your body, mind and soul.


Your school-aged child is asking important questions: What am I good at? What do I like? and What do I want to be? As parents we often see these questions in the form of daily battles about things like chores, bickering, school, friends and time management.

Artistic Parenting

No messy arts and crafts necessary. My duet program offers proven systems and strategies to implement artistic thinking as a way of lessening some of those daily battles you fight with your kids. Artistic kids learn to discover and value their personal strengths even if they don't like to draw.

A Confident Body

It is easy to look in the mirror with a critical eye. Do you cast harsh judgments on your own body image? A confident body is not a body that looks good for the mirror or strives for something less.

Artists Strive for More

A confident body strives to be more. It is strong, it provides a restful home for your soul and it is a vehicle to move you towards your true potential. In my Solo program I teach you to use an artist's perspective paired with powerful, efficient workouts to build a confident body.

I'm Too Busy

You and your kids both feel this pressure. The pressure to get stuff done, complete the task, and move to the next item on the list. Every item is demanding your response, but which items actually deserve your energy?

Artistic Mindfulness

I know, I know, mindfulness is such a buzzword these days, but hear me out. Busy is just another way of saying that you are functionally overwhelmed. Both my Solo and Duet programs teach you and your family how to selectively choose actions based on the value these actions are able to deliver. 

I'm Stressed

Stress affects everyone. As the daily pressures demand more of you and your family's time, energy and resources, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, tired and worried. Stress feels emotional, but too much stress can have harmful effects on your body and your health.

Artists Make Change

Pressure is good. It is pressure in combination with time that creates change. The key is balancing pressures to evoke healthy challenges and healthy time frames. In both the Solo and Duet programs I will guide you and your family to artistically cherish challenges and inspire opportunities for change.


It is so easy to build your lifestyle on expectations. Some of those expectations have been so deeply ingrained that it might be hard to even recognize them. When you fill your calendar and to-do list with "shoulds", there is little freedom left over for "just because".

Artists Challenge Normal

Creativity is actually about challenging the norm. It's about making unusual connections and doing the unexpected. In both my Solo and Duet programs we practice peeling away expectations to be free to be.

How can

art help you to live to your true Potential

...even if you are not an artist?

... but I can't even draw a straight Line.

Straight Lines are Dangerous.

Stop doubting your inner artist. I’m talking to you and anyone that has decided that art is a talent, that you don’t think you possess. Since when did a straight line become a measure of artistic ability?

The definition of a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. Your ability to get from point A to point B with the shortest, most direct and neatly drawn path, does not determine your artistic potential. In fact, it is the straight-lined traveling from point A to point B that is creating your “busy” in the first place. Busy is not a badge of honor. I want to help you to stop drawing straight lines from task to task. 

Your greatest potentials are at risk when you focus on the straight lines, rules, expected outcomes and correct answers. Artists create freely. They understand that perspective comes from noticing. Artists invite challenge for the sake of experience and they know that failure is not a risk but an opportunity. Artists dance with color they create for the process’s sake, not for the end product. Live life like an artist. Artists experience life, they don’t draw straight lines.

Let's get past the Excuses!

For Art's Sake

This is not another art program

This is a productivity and wellness program that incorporates art as a tool for facing challenges and cultivating personal growth.

My programs will confidently prepare individuals  as well as families for a future in which you discover and value your true selves.

*Exclusive to the Solo Program.


Professionally Creating for 12 years


Mom of three girls


13+ Years as a public school art teacher


Certified NASM Fitness Coach

Every soul has a dance
It's time to live yours

When you live your 

Soul's Dance

you move towards your true potential

Choose your Dance

Ready to use art to reach you health and wellness goals?
Choose the dance that best fits you.

When you learn to nourish your inner artist, you will dance towards your true potential.


For Busy Women
$ 29
One Time
  • 30 Days of Premium Content
  • 30 days of Morning Inspirations
  • 10 Instructional Videos
  • Efficient Workouts
  • Exclusively Designed Printables


$ 10
Per Month
  • Daily Morning Inspirations
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Live Zoom Events
  • Insider Support Team
  • First to Receive New Printables
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For A Parent and Child Team
$ 49
One Time
  • 30 Days of Premium Content
  • 30 Days of Morning Inspirations
  • 10 Instructional Videos
  • Simple Adoptable Systems
  • Exclusively Designed Printables

Questions And Answers

The solo program is designed for adults. Parents and non parents alike can benefit from the body, mind and soul aspects of the program. The adult program has more of a fitness focus as well as a focus on developing one’s true self.

The Duet program is for families. It is designed to tackle such topics as chores, an  time management while developing confidence in each individual’s true potential. 

Definitely! Duet implies that this program is for a parent and child team, but parents can build a team with all their kids.

This program is for developing artistic thinking and behaviors. We will create some art, but the focus will be less on making art and more on practicing artistic mindfulness.

Being an artist is more about how your think and less about what you make.  This program will focus on developing artistic behaviors such as curiosity, reflections, creative risk taking and more.

Often times when you think of art, you might think of a product that has been made. (for example a finished painting or drawing)  The art projects in this program are much more focused on the process than the product.

The Solo and Duet programs are 30 days long to build one month of artistic habits.  These programs are designed to be foundational courses for future programs to build on. Keep a look out because the Performance program will offer monthly subscriptions for unlimited content.

The programs are designed to help you build daily habits, so we try to make it as easy as possible to keep on track, but everyone is human here. If you miss a day the content will be waiting for your where you left off. 

This program is a unique blend of art, wellness and productivity classes all rolled into one. Lessons and projects are built around developing your soul’s dance or your true potential.