The Mystical-Artistical Approach to vanquishing Anxiety

Break you free from worry and let your spirit soar with confidence.   It's time to trust your difference as your super power and to start boldly living your impact. 

Are you ready to soar?

This is the

Good Stuff!

Benefit 1 The Support

A beautiful blend of support and activity to build connection, confidence and breakthroughs.

Benefit 2 The Resources

Guided resources that help you determine your personal “whats”, “whys” and “hows” so you know what to do when anxiety tightens its grip.

Benefit 3 The Community

Make a difference without carrying everyone’s load. Be a founding member of a community that supports you and cherishes your support.

Benefit 4 The Impact

Learn to trust the difference in yourself as your super power and impact maker. Move from hesitation and procrastination to action and opportunity.


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 The “Uncaged” Course is 21-Days of support, accountability, practices and communication to guide and support you towards your cage-free transformation.


Dream Team

The Dream Team is for those who have made an annual commitment to belong to the membership at a discounted rate per month. Dream Team members are here for the long-haul because they will influence the content as well as the heart of the program’s community and vibes.



Apprentice Memberships enjoy a Month-to-Month option and have the freedom to discontinue their memberships any time after a 3-month commitment.


* Dream Team and Apprentice Memberships both require a $300 down payment for the first 3 months of membership. The price shown is the monthly membership fee after the initial 3 months of membership.