April Quast fine Art

Dances on canvas...
Choreographing color and energy
to energize beautiful spaces.

 Own Different

“The world around me is like music to my eyes, and when music inspires my soul, I dance.”


Every small detail that surrounds you is a note to a song...

This Art Moves

Because it is a collections of the sights, sounds, flavors and even stories that surround us.

Each Little 

... Detail contributing its own note.

Each Little Intricacy

A composition of time, movement, celebration and energy dancing together on canvas.

This art is Music

It is a note in the composition that choreographs life's most treasured moments.

When you hear Music

What better way to celebrate than to Dance?

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Energy For Your Walls

Color has energy. Dance like nobody's watching and buy art that doesn't match the couch.  The art you choose for your home will bring energy and expression to your space, choose your art confidently! You can browse through everything or selectively choose from the categories below to narrow your search. 

Artist Statement

The story Behind the Art

I See The Music

The world around me is like music to my eyes, and when music inspires my soul, I dance! I use my art, my movements and my wild imagination to inspire new perspectives and a growing connection to my truest self and the surrounding world. 

I Dance On Canvas.

Dance is about expression and soul; it is about moving as a reaction to how my senses respond to the music and my emotions.  I create colorful abstract art because the world around me is beautiful, every detail offers a musical energy, that demands my reply. This is how I Trust Different.

I Trust Different.

Trusting different is about trusting the difference in yourself. This crazy art is about overcoming doubt and boldly showing the world my vibrant perspective of its details.

Photo By Erica Fitzgerald


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The brightest colours fill my head
A million dreams are keeping me awake
I think of what the world could be
A vision of the one I see

Song Writer: Justin Noble Paul

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