“I am” are two of the most powerful words, because what you put after them creates your reality.

Here, we trust different.

Art and wellness are not goals, they are tools for achieving your goals.


Here, Healthy Comes in Layers

Healthy is more than a goal. Healthy is about trusting different, catching dreams and actively caring for your body, mind and soul.  Healthy is the big-picture-living that comes after the words: I AM.  Healthy is about breaking the spell of “I can’t” and being the passionate painter who dares.

Here, we connect the power of
artistic thinking with a lifestyle of wellness

…because together art and wellness are powerful tools for helping you deliver your impact.

…because together art and wellness are powerful tools for helping you deliver your impact.

The Fashion Statement

Here, We Wear Hats.

A lot of different hats…Can you relate? Mothers, daughters, wives, students, caretakers, executives, chauffeurs, chefs, mentors, trendsetters, athletes… as women, we wear so many different hats it’s hard to know which ones have the best fit.

I’m April Quast and I am a woman who has worn many hats in my life.  I’ve tried them all on individually but April Quast Art and Wellness is about the impact my many hats can make when they are worn together…not to mention the fashion statement they make along the way. 

Here, We live, create and Inspire with


Meraki: The essence of yourself that you put into your work.

Meraki: The essence of yourself that you put into your work.


Here's Why...

...Because different is worth celebrating.

I am an Artist. This is important and it is the first thing I want you to know about me, because when I tell you this, I am letting you know I think different and see different, I march to my own beat…When I tell you I am an artist, I am NOT telling you that I make stuff, I’m telling you I like to play by my own rules.

...Because your Energy makes connections.

I am a Creator. I have professionally created colorful abstractions of dance and movement for 15+ years. I create because when I do, I don’t have to accept that the world exists the way others present it to me. Creativity is about connections. I connect my thoughts, experiences and ideas to celebrate the energy we all share.

...because your dreams are worth it.

I am a coach. I am a NASM certified fitness coach and soon to be yoga 200hr RYT. I coach because healthy is not a goal, it is a means for reaching your goals. I offer guidance and support, not for you to rely on, but for you to climb from.

...Because Curiosity is the key to change.

I am a teacher. I taught art in the public schools for 13+ years. I teach because it is the best way to learn. The best "a-ha" moments do not usually come from your teacher, but instead they appear when you discover something that has existed within you all along.


I am here as an artist, inspirer, mom, wife, teacher, coach, and soon to be yoga instructor. I march to the beat of my own drum because different makes change and I believe in the changes you have the power of making.


what do you need?

Find Your
Home Here

Kick off your shoes, shuffle through the cabinets and grab yourself a glass, because mi casa es su casa. In my house everyone helps themselves, because that’s what you do when you are the most comfortable. I’m here to show you around, but it’s when you aren’t afraid to take what you need, that I know you have truly made yourself at home. I’m all about being a great hostess, but my real goal is to give you the tools you need to relax and fully trust yourself.


This isn’t a place you are taught to rely on. Your strength is inside of you, April Quast Art and Wellness is here for guidance and support as you find your own way.


It’s about learning to make choices not practicing following directions. Your future is in your decisions, so I empower you to find the confidence to make good ones.


It’s about the big picture. Together we work on establishing a lifestyle to support your ideal identity. Wellness is a tool for achieving your goals, it is not the goal itself.


It’s about community and connections. I’m here ready to personally answer your questions and concerns as well as connect you to our supportive community.
"He had to choose between something he had become accustomed to and something new he wanted to have."
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

The Personal Stuff

My Love
and Support

My highschool sweetheart has been been my loving support for all of my crazy ideas.Together we are facing this crazy life with courage, creativity and adventure.

What Fills
My Feed


Yeah I follow other stuff on Instagram too, but the fluffs always bring me a smile.

Three Little Inspirations

As a mother I am so blessed to have three very amazing little women from whom I am always learning from. My girls reach beyond the limits because their world doesn't have any.

My Go
To Drink


of course...but I'll never turn down a good Margarita either.

My Fluff

This silent soul brings so much personality and love to our household. I'm a sucker for floppy ears and fluff. Meet my bunny: Loki.

What Makes
The Menu?


I love trying new vegan recipes as long as I never have to give up my seafood. In this house we eat sushi like it is a sport.

The Sounds That Surround


...Of all kinds: Aretha Franklin, Al Greene, Cat Stevens, Jim Croche, James Taylor...(I love the old stuff)...Mix in a little 90's R&B, Zac Brown Band, Jimmy Buffet and some Pop (I do live with 3 teen girls) and you've got music that never stops playing in this household.

Guilty Pleasures


Fun Fact: Us Quast girls go through about 15 lbs of Haribo gummy bears each year. And there isn't a Christmas cookie that could survive one minute in this house.

The Days I
Live For

The Hot Ones

I'm always cold so I'll take summer heat in any form...even the hot humid stuff.

The Core Values

Live Your Truth

Chase Curiosity

Live Vibrantly

Inspire. Be Inspired.

Fail Forward


Different is A Superpower

Healthy Is A Journey, Not a Destination

Celebrate Moments

Live, Create and Inspire with Meraki

Work From Your Rest, Not Rest From Your Work.

Trust Different


People Are Talking

April made it worth waking up at 5:00am to workout. The happiness and joy I feel in her classes is beautiful. I am thankful for all that April has done to motivate us and protect us and I'm thankful that she always has us try new things. At the beginning of this journey I felt so lost but she helped me find my way through this. April has been such a bright light.
Janny C.
Fitness Client
April truly taught me to put a little more love into every little detail and helped me find this love for art inside myself. She pushed me outside of the box, forced me to think, taught me to see the big picture and to appreciate creativity. I never really appreciated art; however, I’ve learned that art is not for the weak hearted it has taught me more than I bargained for. I'm thankful for the part she has played in this journey of growing I have embarked on.
Victoria H.
Art Student
April's new Instagram posts and calming mantra posts have inspired and calmed me over the last few weeks.
Laura L.
'Gram Follower
April has done so much for me in the past year and half. She has changed my life in so many positive ways. With her help, guidance and encouragement I went from someone who reluctantly worked out to someone who loves working out and needs it to be healthy inside and out.
Cindy M.
Fitness Client