Trust Different.

Because the world 

Needs Your impact

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Different Art That Moves

The details that surrounds you are like music

Surround yourself with art that moves your soul to dance because

when you trust different, you live your Impact.

Wellness for Dreamers Like You.

Offering courses that break the rules of normal by combining art and fitness,

because a healthy lifestyle is how you reach your goals.

It is Not the goal itself.

Trust Different

Trust Different…because you have abilities, perspectives and purposes to fulfill.

Connecting art and wellness is how I help people like you find the

confidence to trust their differences as superpowers. 


My art isn’t for everyone. It is for those of you who confidently know what moves your soul. Your choices are unique and the art you hang in your home will energize you to live your truth and deliver your impact. 

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Do you believe that wellness is more than a slim body? From art to productivity to fitness, my mind, body and soul courses are designed to help you build a strong, confident, productive, long-term body that will stand up to your creative and youthful ambitions.

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Quests are for everyone that has been told they were too young for their big ideas. Quests help kids and kids at heart navigate the twisting and turning paths that lead to dreams that come true, because age does not discriminate against the impact you were born to make. 

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“It wasn't that I was no longer afraid, but now my excitement was bigger than my fear.”

Kobi Yamada

Author of: What Do You Do With A Chance

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